Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Second firsts

While my first foray into blogging was not successful - posts few and far between - I hope that this second attempt will prove more fruitful. This blog will include whatever I am interested, fashion, vintage shopping, food and the like. To start things off on the right foot, below is how I spent my morning:

Sadly, my first attempt at macarons was awful. Last night I was browsing TasteSpotting (one of my favorite foodie hangouts!), and stumbled upon multiple macaron recipes. They all looked amazing and I felt inspired, so off to Whole Foods I went for supplies. My first batch kept me up until midnight and did not get the token macaron "feet" upon baking. I was too tired (and defeated) to make a second batch but I swore I would try agin today. Well take that, macarons! Not only were they successful, but they looked like they came right out of Bottega Louie.

Til next time!