Sunday, April 15, 2012

Like White On Rice

I'd love to say that I'm the epitome of a Los Feliz hipster. The girl that wears Ray Ban Wayfarers and a straw fedora. She's beautiful, graceful, and has flawless style. You expect to see her buying locally at farmer's markets and vintage shopping by day, and hitting up an indie music show by night. She is effortlessly cool.

Let's be honest -- I'm not that girl. I work crazy hours, and enjoy staying in wearing my ridiculously unflattering sweats whenever I get the chance. But lately I've been making a conscious effort to go out and enjoy Los Angeles. There are little gems all over this place worth being discovered. Recently I've been stumbling into antique malls. These places are awesome. You can feel slightly overwhelmed when you first walk in. The sheer volume of crap in there can be intimidating. I don't go in with a plan, or a shopping list. If something speaks to me, I respond.

Case in point - milk glass. Damn, it's my new "thing." On a recent trip to the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall I stumbled on a milk glass collection. I wanted every piece. Being mindful of my wallet (and just being realistic), I decided to pick just one. I love the look of it filled with these ranunculus. And now I have an excuse to buy fresh flowers!

After spending time at the race track this afternoon with friends, we stopped by Old Town Pasadena to fill our tummies. Lo and behold, I see a sign for the Pasadena Antique Mall. SOLD! Of course I make everyone come with me and look around. I didn't go around looking for more milk glass. The way I see it, IT found ME. How could I say no? How could I deny it?

I couldn't. So now it's mine. And I think this is a start to a dangerous little collection. I feel like that Los Feliz hipster might have a milk glass collection, too. Maybe I'm not as far removed from her as I had originally thought?



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